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Documentary Update

The documentary is really coming along, folks. It’s become a docu-series. I’ve seen episode one and it’s pretty great. It will be available to the public soon. More info TBA. Meanwhile if anyone has contacts at Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount, etc… hit me up🤷 finders fee negotiable.

Links to the pateron and gofundme are at the top if anyone wants to help push this to completion.

Sandusky Ohio Watch Party

Hey! I’m gonna be in sandusky friday night. We’re having a listening party for the new Horse Feather Fallout album. Also we’re gonna play a couple of the new russett burbank songs we’ve recorded and probably most importantly we’re gonna play the first episode of “Let’s Find the Bastard: The Jeremiah Davis Story” (you know,… Continue Reading

Only Rental Car Left

Only Rental Car Left

13.5 hours travel 2 Ubers and several hundred dollars later we are in the only rental car left in California. Groovy. Continue Reading

Let’s find the bastard

Hey. I’ve been filming a documentary about the search for my biological father whom I’ve never met. Turns out doing things “right/professionally” costs actually money. Please contribute and share. Watch the trailer in the link Continue Reading